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Traditionally the Rainbow Family of Living Light has celebrated an Annual Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes within North America commencing around the 1st of July and progressing through the 7th since approximately 1972.

 The Rainbow Family of Living Light gatherings are attended by thousands of people from every corner of the globe and are comprised of many individuals, groups and non groups, freely associating under the premise of peaceful harmony, coming together for a moment in time to pray in a circle for world peace.

 This blessing prayer occurs with the rising of the sun on the morning of July 4th in a sacred meadow until high noon. This silent meditative prayer and introspect of a world in harmony is a vibration share by many world wide. We are all truly connected as a family of one. Rainbow Family Gatherings grow and become through autonomous participation that is egalitarian, based on mutual respect and has an open consensual counsel processes that allows for all views and considerations.

 These leaderless gatherings of individuals may seem to be anarchist or an offshoot cultural phenomenon however, human interaction at key seasonal times have deep roots in primordial social history world over. This is an important part of human existence, experience and cultural progression.

 We, brothers and sisters of the common human tribe are part of a great linage of ancestors and carry within our hearts the desire to commune together naturally for the sake of peace in a sacred way, freely, unencumbered and of our own choosing.

 Rainbow Family of Living Light Gatherings have grown over the years to include world gatherings, regional events and many local circles at varying times of the year.

 With each new season and circle comes the opportunity to gather again and renew old friendships while making new ones. This is a time honored celebration of the human spirit with a chance to cleanse, rejoice, celebrate and become in beautiful ways.

 We invite you to attend the gatherings and share in the unlimited vibration that is the Rainbow Family of Living Light.

2022 Rainbow Regionals – East Side Summer / Fall Tour

Virginia’s Blue Ridge gathering August 5-14, 2022

Maine-bow August 10-24, 2022

Minnewishigan Rainbow Family – September 6th-19th, 2022 in the imaginary borders Northern Minnesota

The Fall Ozark Rainbow regional is Sept. 15th – Sept. 29th, 2022 Most likely on the Missouri side.

Shawnee October 1-14, 2022

Texas Rainbow Family Gathering October 13-16th, 2022 Location: TBD – Angelina, Crockett, Houston NF?