2022 Blue Ridge Gathering

George Washington National Forest
Duration: 10 days

Howdy Folks!
Following the conclusions of the Vision Council upon the land and subsequent communications, we the Rainbow Family of Living Light residing in Virginia (and surrounding states that do not contain a national forest unto themselves) do declare the intent to host an annual Blue Ridge Gathering regional event to celebrate peace and love in communion with Mother Nature. 38.184325, -79.341641

Our first such event is determined to be on August 5 through 14, in the year 2022, with additional 2 days on either side of these dates for such activities as seed camp and clean up. We are thus staying within the 14-day dispersed camping limits for non-commercial use of public lands and are expecting cooperation from USDA forestry officials should they choose to become involved.

All peaceful people are welcome to proudly display their belly button and share food upon the land. This land was chosen as it was seen to have all the elements necessary for a fruitful gathering: meadows, springs, firewood, flatish camping, and parallel parking along a secluded dirt road.

Bring your acoustic instruments and drums for the unique off-grid world of the Rainbow interior. Perhaps you will help dig a slit latrine if you are able bodied. There are lots of ways to contribute. Maybe you will bring fresh vegetables and other supplies if you have extra room in your vehicle. Monetary donations are also accepted at the “Magic Hat”.


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