Coming times and of the difficulties

I recall when I went to the 1977 Rainbow Gathering, in New Mexico in the Gila National Forest, that Grandfather David, a Hopi Elder came and held council with us. He said he came to us, because it was prophesied that we would be there at that exact time and place, so he was compelled to come and council with us…He told us that in the prophecy, it was told that the first true brethren of the red man, who would be many, many children of the white man, who embraced the ways of the indigenous people would come to that sacred place along the Gila River…

I remember, Grandfather David, riding bareback on a horse into the main camp, where the teepee circle was located, with our own Antelope, who was then only 11 years old, seated directly behind Grandfather David, upon the horse. As they rode into the main camp, through the beautiful river canyons, the red canyon walls towering overhead, they passed by teepees, sweat lodges and our outdoor kitchens. Now mind you, this was not the original site chosen for the gathering that year, as the late Spring snows had not yet melted in an upper meadow where the gathering was first planned and intended to take place, thus the gathering site was relocated to a lower meadow, along the Gila River. And so it was as prophesied, many children of the white man, gathered in a sacred place, who had come together to pray for world peace and the healing of our ailing Mother Earth !

Grandfather, held council with us and told us that the prophecy spoke of us coming to that exact sacred site and that we would be known by a name that was very similar to the name “Hopi”, Grandfather, believed that name was “Hippie” !
There we were, 5,000 idealistic Hippies, gathered in the Gila National Forest upon sacred ground ! It was a most magical gathering, there were many, many double 🌈🌈 rainbows which appeared almost daily ! The canyon walls held many ancient dwelling places, and there were old broken shards of pottery that were found, for we were upon a sacred ancient Homeland !

Grandfather, further explained that the prophecy also said that many of us were very old spirits, ancestors of the indigenous peoples, who had chosen to reincarnate as the children of white men, and had returned to the earth, so that we might sow the seeds of understanding of the indigenous ways, to help heal our planet !

Grandfather, spoke of the coming times and of the difficulties, which our earth is facing, because we have lost the old ways, and we are living out of balance with the earth. He explained, the passing away of the 5th world, and that during this time of great change and upheaval that we should return to the earth and plant our gardens and build community. He told us to spread this message, to pray, and to walk gently on our sacred earth, to live simply and to embrace the old ways…to live by example !

Grandfather David, further explained that at this time, our survival is teetering like a large seasaw/teeter totter, back and forth between doom and revival, and that it was up to us to determine our fates, by our choices and our prayers, and which paths we choose to continue upon. Grandfather, urged us to live by example, and to remain hopeful, but to teach others to embrace the old ways, of honoring our Sacred Mother Earth ! – Michele Rice


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