Cumberland family rainbow gathering

“Howdy Folks” We the people who have gathered on the land together as a family in the Daniel Boone National Forest within the imaginary boundaries of Kentucky on the third day of site selection Council calling ourselves the Cumberland rainbow family of living light to announce: the 2022 Cumberland rainbow family gathering “Howdy folks”We who are brothers and sisters, children of our mother, all families of life on Earth, friends of nature and all people and Protectors of our mother earth… calling ourselves Cumberland rainbow family tribe humbly invite…All Races, people, tribes, communes, men and women, children an individuals… out of love All Nations and Nations leaders out of respect all religions and religious leaders out of faith to join us for the 2022 Cumberland Family Regional Gathering for seed camp on May 5th through the 7th and Gathering May 8th through 17th for the purpose of expressing our sincere desire that there shall be peace on Earth and Harmony among all people to hold an open worship, prayer, chanting, or whatever is the desire of the people, in the hopes that the world would consider peace and love and protection of our mother earth and all her resources and Families. We will hold a meditative silence on the morning of May 16th until High Noon to pray for World Peace and asking for blessings upon the people of this world in the hopes that we as a people can evolve, expand, and live together in harmony and peace!!! we will enjoy dancing, drumming, singing, chanting under a beautiful full moon on May 15th… and see the Wonders of the Galaxy as the lunar eclipse begins that night at 10:22 p.m. eastern Daylight Time with a total eclipse at 11:29 p.m. and a maximum eclipse at 12:11 a.m. on the 16th… the focus of this Gathering is that we would come home to heal and grow and learn from each other together as a family in a safe, sober, family friendly environment as we come home to ohm aho!!!… there will be 2 days up clean up the 18th through the 19th …let your intentions be known at Circle if you want to be part of this movie leash your dogs, pack it in, pack it out, walk lightly on the land and remember Sanitation poop, flies, food,we can break the cycle love and light to all Aho


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