Driving to the gathering in Mexico from the US?

Here’s some very valuable information, especially for you younger travelers.

The border is technically “open.” Most people can just drive right in. But there’s also a strong chance that you’ll get stopped at secondary inspection.

1. For safety and security reasons, do not enter Mexico without a passport. It’s not worth the risk.

2. Make sure you have your car’s registration paperwork. You could get stopped multiple times with American plates.

3. Be sure to have your vehicle import paperwork. The acronym for this is the TIP. This can be very expensive. Depending on what year your car is, it will cost either $275, $375, or $475. If you cannot afford this, do not drive through Mexico. It’s not needed in Baja, but it’s needed to go through the rest of the country.They will confiscate your car if you did not pay this import tax. My friend had his school bus confiscated two years ago for not paying this tax. He still does not have it back.

4. Do not bring multiple of the same item, without paying a tax for it at the border and declaring it. They assume you will be selling these items.

5. It’s best to have Mexican’s insurance while driving. You think nothing can happen, but it can. On my trip down over the summer with my new car, my friend who was driving crashed us in Guadalajara. I was so happy I bought the insurance. If you get in an accident, they will confiscate your car without it.6. Be prepared for inspections coming through Sonora, Sinaloa, and or Chihuahua. Some of these will be legitimate, and others will be random stops by local people who paid by trafficers to check what’s going through their roads. These are not fun.

7. Obviously, do not carry any drugs or weapons and make sure the car does not smell like weed.If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Much love.



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