Europe Events

If you are a hippie living in EUROPE, you should definitely be referring to this 2022 list from time to time during the remainder of this year.

April 1-30 Portugal Spring Rainbow Gathering
April 9-22 Italian Spring Rainbow Gathering
April 30-May 30 England W.I.S.E. Isles Beltane Rainbow Gathering
May 30-June 29 Central European World Peace Singing Rainbow Gathering in Belgium
June 29-July 28 Balkan Rainbow Gathering in Serbia
June 29-July 28 Belarus Rainbow Gathering
July 28-August 27 European Rainbow Gathering in Bulgaria
Sept 25-Oct 25 Albania Healing Rainbow Gathering
Sept 26-Oct 23 World Rainbow Gathering in Turkey
May 18-22 Crème Brûlée (French Burn)
May 30-June 5 Burning Nest (UK Burn)
June 23-27 Where the Sheep Sleep (Netherlands Burn)
June 30-July 2 Amber Burn (Lithuanian Burn)
July 5-10 Nowhere (Spanish Burn)
July 21-29 Boom Festival in Portugal
July 24-31 Borderland (Danish Burn)
July 25-Aug 1 RoBurn (Romanian Burn)
Sept 7-11 Schloss Schönburn (Austrian Burn)
Sept 15-18 Microburn (UK Burn)
October 24-29 Midburn (Israeli Burn)
April 8 Robert Plant Bexhill, UK
April 10 Robert Plant Folkestone, UK
April 11 Robert Plant London, UK
April 14 Robert Plant Hull, UK
April 16 Robert Plant York, UK
April 20 Robert Plant Rhyl, UK
April 22 Robert Plant Liverpool, UK
April 23 Tool Copenhagen, Denmark
April 25 Tool Oslo, Norway
April 26 Tool Stockholm, Sweden
April 28 Tool Hamburg, Germany
April 29 Tool Frankfurt, Germany
May 2 Tool Manchester, UK
May 4 Tool Birmingham, UK
May 9 Tool London, UK
May 10 Tool London, UK
May 12 Tool Paris, France
May 13 Tool Antwerp, Belgium
May 14 Rick Astley Uttoxeter, UK
May 15 Tool Berlin, Germany
May 17 Tool Cologne, Germany
May 19 Tool Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 21 Tool Krakow, Poland
May 23 Tool Prague, Czech
May 24 Tool Budapest, Hungary
May 27 Queen Belfast, UK
May 28 Queen Belfast, UK
May 30 Queen Manchester, UK
May 31 Queen Manchester, UK
June 1 Rolling Stones Madrin, Spain
June 2 Queen Glasgow, UK
June 3 Queen Glasgow, UK
June 5 Rolling Stones Munich, Germany
June 6 Queen London, UK
June 8 Queen London, UK
June 9 Rolling Stones Liverpool, UK
June 11 Queen Birmingham, UK
June 12 Queen Birmingham, UK
June 13 Rolling Stones Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 14 Queen Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 15 Queen Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 17 Rolling Stones Bern, Switzerland
June 21 Rolling Stones Milan, Italy
June 22 Robert Plant Pilton, UK
June 25 Rolling Stones London, UK
June 26 Robert Plant London, IK
June 28 Pearl Jam Frankfurt, Germany
June 30 Pearl Jam Werchter, Belgium
July 1 Queen Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 2 Queen Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 3 Rolling Stones London, UK
July 6 Queen Madrin, Spain
July 7 Queen Madrin, Spain
July 8 Pearl Jam London, UK
July 9 Pearl Jam London, UK
July 11 Rolling Stones Brussels, Belgium
July 14 Pearl Jam Krakow, Poland
July 15 Rolling Stones Vienna, Austria
July 16-17 Pearl Jam @ Lollapalooza Paros, France
July 19 Rolling Stones Decines-Charpieu, France
July 23 Rolling Stones Paris, France
July 24 Pearl Jam Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 25 Pearl Jam Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 27 Rolling Stones Gelsenkorchen, Germany
July 31 Rolling Stones Solna, Sweden
August 2 Flogging Molly Zurich, Switzerland
August 3 Flogging Molly Tilburg, Netherlands
August 5 Rick Astley Glasgow, UK
August 9 Damian Marley Manchester, UK
August 10 Damian Marley Glasgow, UK
August 11-13 Bright Eyes @ Way Out West Festival Gothenburg, Sweden
August 14 Bright Eyes Copenhagen, Denmark
August 16 Flogging Molly Manchester, UK
August 17 Flogging Molly Birmingham, UK
August 18 Flogging Molly London, UK
August 20 Flogging Molly Dublin, Ireland
August 21 Flogging Molly Devon, UK
August 23 Bright Eyes Cologne, Germany
August 26 Snoop Dogg Glasgow, UK
August 27 Snoop Dogg Birmingham, UK
August 30 Snoop Dogg London, UK
August 31 Bright Eyes Manchester, UK
Sept 1 Snoop Dogg Manchester, UK
Sept 2-4 Bright Eyes @ Electric Picnic Festival Stradbally, Ireland
Sept 5 Bright Eyes Birmingham, UK
Sept 6 Bright Eyes Glasgow, UK
Sept 13 Dark Star Orchestra London, UK
Sept 16 Snoop Dogg Belfast, UK
Sept 17 DSO Paris, France
Sept 18 DSO Cologne, Germany
Sept 19 DSO Frankfurt, Germany
Sept 20 DSO Berlin, Germany
Sept 21 Lettuce Tourcoing, France
Sept 22 DSO Frankfurt, Germany
Sept 23 DSO Milan, Italy
Sept 24 DSO Florence, Italy
Sept 25 DSO Rome, Italy
Sept 27 Primus Glasgow, UK
Sept 29 Primus London, UK
Sept 30 Primus Manchester, UK
Oct 1 Primus Dublin, Ireland
Oct 3 Lettuce Oslo, Norway
Oct 4 Lettuce Stockholm, Sweden
Oct 5 Lettuce Gothenburg, Sweden
Oct 7 Lettuce Hamburg, Germany
Oct 11 Lettuce Bern, Switzerland
Oct 12 Lettuce Pisa, Italy
Oct 13 Lettuce Rome, Italy
Oct 14 Lettuce Milano, Italy
Oct 17 Lettuce Stuttgart, Germany
Oct 18 Lettuce Mulhouse, France
Oct 21 Lettuce Madrid, Spain
Oct 22 Lettuce Bordeaux, France
Oct 25 Tedeschi Truck Band Berlin, Germany
Oct 26 Tedeschi Truck Band Hamburg, Germany
Oct 27 Tedeschi Truck Band Prague, Czech Republic
Oct 28 Blue Oyster Cult Caluire-et-Cuire, France
Oct 30 Tedeschi Truck Band Rotterdam, Netherlands
Oct 31 Blue Oyster Cult Paris, France
Nov 2 Tedeschi Truck Band Dublin, Ireland
Nov 4 Tedeschi Truck Band London, UK
Nov 5 Tedeschi Truck Band London, UK
Nov 6 Tedeschi Truck Band London, UK
Nov 9 Chris Thile Bristol, UK
Nov 10 Chris Thile Coventry, UK
Nov 11 Chris Thile London, UK
Nov 12 Chris Thile Manchester, UK
Nov 13 Tedeschi Truck Band Paris, France
Nov 15 Tower of Power Paris, France
Nov 16 Tower of Power London, UK
Nov 29 Billy Strings, Oslo, Norway
Nov 30 Billy Strings, Copenhagen, Denmark
Dec 1 Billy Strings, Stockholm, Sweden
Dec 3 Billy Strings, Berlin, Germany
Dec 4 Billy Strings, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dec 5 Billy Strings, Cologne, Germany
Dec 7 Billy Strings, London, UK
Dec 8 Billy Strings, Manchester, UK
Dec 9 Billy Strings, Dublin, Ireland
Dec 11 Billy Strings, Glasgow, UK


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  1. Greetings, can you please send me some details about the rainbow gathering in turkey in September?

    Greetings Leo

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