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Pancanadian Kanata Rainbow Family Gathering | Rainbow Family Gatherings

Welcome Here Rainbow Tribes

Much appreciation to everyone who supports family unity and offers positive encouragement for all things good to manifest.  By joining the Community Tribal Forum you can get information not posted on the public side of this website. Peace.

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Pancanadian Kanata Rainbow Family Gathering

July 17 @ 8:00 am - August 8 @ 5:00 pm

Hi Family Kwekwe,
The Pancanadian Rainbow Kanata Family National 2021, is happening from July 17 to August 8, 2021, for the full moon of the 24th, Seed camp starting on July 10 and cleanup extending up to August 22 full moon. It’s gona be the Québec Kwebekwe Family hosting it on native Atikamekw land, South Ouest of LaTuque, 6h North from Montréal. A relatively long but very easy and in good condition road. On the shore of a huge beautiful lake.

We are actually taking care of the medicines camp supply, the water station, … and fundraiser project for Magic Hat. Upgrade sanitary measures will be taken on site (like in 2020 we did for Local Gathering, with 300 people at peak, and no covid problem happened, neither with authorities that came.

We wish to include all provinces and territories of our land in synchronisation from East to Ouest with a caravan trail. We are synchronising with the USA National. The Welcome Kanata Kitchen Vehicle will then be launched to continue its mission on other provinces of the Kanata land… initiating a new cycle of Annual National Kanata Gathering that will change of Province or Territory and bonify an already existing gathering or create a new one, each year on our land ! We invite The Maritime’s Family to come in Vision Council to propose itself as candidate For a National 2022 in Atlantic Gathering, hopefully, then going to Ouest.
So… Ignore all rumors of cancellation.
For further and any other information please provide us your email to receive it. Send it at : AND

Thank you for sharing in your networks this communication release resulting from the consensus of the Family :

Kwekwe. Hey, beautiful tribe here we are at the long-awaited Time. Brothers and Sisters from Quebec, Canada, America and around the world celebrating the Moon, the Earth, the Universe and the entire Galaxy in its Nature of Shared World Love. For a 1st National Kanata Rainbow. It’s happening. It’s for the Full Moon of July 24 2021! … On Atikamekw land. North East Kanada. Thank you, beautiful Living Light Family Kwebekwe, for always existing still and strong and always irreducible! In all the colors of the Rainbow welcome all humans.

Let’s pass the word that a “Light Line” with a free phone number to call anywhere in North America has been set up. By receiving this phone number from a friend on paper or by voice (not computer or cell please, except vocal, emails and texto that are still safe. 😉 Thanks for respecting), you will be able to make a call to find out more. Please ask for it at AND The Circle decision-making process has been maintained throughout the year. We therefore find ourselves under the sun shining over the next few weeks. Yeah. Migwesh.

* ignore any rumors of cancellation.

**Thank you to copy-past this communication under your name in your network and decentralise.

In Lak’ech

Hello all, Bonjour à tout le monde

I have been part of Québec’s Family for 7 years now, have partaken in about 10 of its Vision Councils through the years and have taken and published notes on the three last ones, including this Summer Solstice (13 days ago as of writing this). Information below is reliable.

The location is to the southwest of La Tuque, and thus closer to Trois-Rivieres and the border. We are welcomed on Atikamekw traditionnal lands this year. The road to get there is extremely easy and fast (almost highway-like), even though the location is far away from Babylon. It is going to be a Pancanadian Gathering, welcoming Ontario’s Family, BC Family and Maritimes Family and hopefully many more!

The Family has chosen to put a Lightline in use for anyone interested to show up this july. It is a Toll-free number for the US and Canada where you call and hear a recorded message that tells you the general location, precise dates and any other important general information pertaining to the gathering. From the 10th of july onwards, you are instructed to call back and will then have access to the precise itinerary to get to the Gathering.

Anyone interested in obtaining the Lightline number should write me at my email adress, which is
Please share it only in private messages to people you know, and not post it on webpages and social networks where bots can pick it up and call it! (each phonecall to the Lightline costs the Family money)

I will not be answering any other email than the ones asking for the number. I also won’t be answering after the 5th of July, as I will be scouting/seedcamping away from any communication network.

Aho! Peace! See you in 5


July 17 @ 8:00 am
August 8 @ 5:00 pm

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