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UPDATE: 5:30pm JULY 2 – All roads into the gathering are drying out and are being maintained to allow entry as well as for emergency access. Road conditions are sandy as well as dangerous at higher speeds beyond 30 mph and have sharp curves as well as high climbs to altitude. This portion of the state and National Forest are open range and may have cattle or wildlife anywhere along the route.

UPDATE 11 A.M. JULY 1 – From the Routt County PIO Steamboat Springs, CO, July 1, 2022 – County Road 82 has been reopened; the cars that were stuck have been removed and road conditions have improved. The road will remain open weather permitting. Mike Mordi, Public Works Director said, “This is a minimal maintenance dirt road that can become impassible with the amount of rain that area has seen.”

UPDATE 10:57 a.m. Friday — Moffat County Road 1 is open, from the Moffat County Sheriff’s Office.UPDATE 9:09 a.m. Friday — Routt County Road 82 is open. This is from the Routt County Office of Emergency Management.

UPDATE 8 A.M. FRIDAY, JULY 1 The road into the gathering is still closed, according to Mo Demorat with the Routt County Office of Emergency Management. This is Routt County Road 82, which would be the north entrance through Craig and/or Baggs. Demorat writes, “The road is still closed with no specified opening day/time — it all depends on road conditions.” This is all because of heavy rain on the dirt road, which has made it slippery, like driving on clay. Demorat says two of the vehicles that got stuck were removed but there were more vehicles stuck during Thursday night’s storm, and not just on RCR 82. It is one lane in many places which would cause problems getting through if a vehicle is stuck.If you go north through Hayden on RCR80, you do have to drive through a creek, which could now be higher because of all of the rain. Do not follow GPS directions north of Steamboat on 129. Routt County Community Awareness

UPDATE 7 p.m. Thursday The roads are very slippery up there because of the heavy rain. That is making them dangerous to travel on, according to the Routt County Office of Emergency Management. While there are not blockades up, it is dangerous for travel right now.

UPDATE at 12:42 p.m. Thursday From the Moffat County Sheriff’s Office MOFFAT COUNTY ROAD 1 CLOSED – Due to heavy rains on June 29th and continuing heavy rains throughout today Moffat County Road 1 is closed at the Moffat/Routt County Line. Moffat County Road 1 turns into Routt County road 82 which has sustained significant damage due to the heavy rains and is not passable at this time. This was the published route for the Rainbow Family gathering in Adams Park. Routt County Road 80 remains open and is the suggested alternate route to the area. Sourced via CRIMEWATCH®:…/post/moffat-county-road-1-closed

UPDATE at 12:22 p.m. — Three vehicles are stuck on the road and blocking the road. This is once you pass from Moffat County into Routt County. Mo Demorat with the Routt County Office of Emergency Management says they expect the cost of a tow truck to get up there is between $600 and $1000. Demorat says about the re-grading of the road north of Hayden… They are re-grading the washboard spots that really need it because they need to have access to get first responders up there in necessary. That is happening right now. Routt County Road 82 at the Moffat County border is currently closed to traffic due to the slippery road conditions from the rain. This is at the north entrance to the Rainbow Gathering, where those headed to the event are being directed to go from Craig. But the dirt road to get further into the gathering, once you hit Routt County is closed. The rain and heavy thunderstorms over the Rainbow Gathering started around 5 p.m. last night.

Routt County Road 80 which is north from Hayden is being re-graded by the county today because of the washboard conditions from the recent traffic on that road, which has been the primary road used by the law enforcement officers getting to the gathering.The main Rainbow Gathering is set for July 1-7. About 2,500 “Rainbows” were already at the site as of Wednesday, according to the U.S. Forest Service. Estimates are that 10,000 could attend.We will keep you updated as to when the road opens.


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