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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Impartiality.


This site does not speak for the Rainbow Family of Living Light or anyone else and is presented for informational, journalistic and educational purposes only. No one can speak for the family except to express their own individual heartsongs, visions and experience.


That said, this site is operated by consensual guidelines that are egalitarian in nature striving to honor common core values first while preserving traditional rainbow ideologies that foster peace through consensual relationships. It is the intention of this website to relate to the public those aspects of Rainbow that are good to the community, educate by providing information on the guidelines, principles, history, news and present opportunities to participate in the gatherings.

It is the intention of this community website to be factual, fair and inclusive of all peaceful circles. If you have an event you would like listed please make contact. This site welcomes corrections, additional information and good guidance. Information posted here is public domain, feel free to share. Ever evolving.

So yea, lets work together to have a great life that we can be proud to share with others. There is a lot of wisdom and compassion between us all, time to let it shine.  Respect, love, breathe the process! Thank you family for learning, respecting, breathing the process! Let your lighter side shine, not the ego.

“We Love You!”


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