2018 Rainbow Family Vision Counsel

This is the information I have on the consensuses that Vision Counsel on the land in Georgia reached where Day 1 would have been July 7th, 2018. Much love to all.

(Day 5) “We, individuals circled in Vision Counsel on the land in the Chattahoochee Forest in Southern Appalachia at the 47th Annual Rainbow Family of Living Light Gathering of the Tribes, in 2018, have lovingly reached consensus on the following:”

(Day 5) #2: “The Rainbow Family has no official representation, in person, online, or in any legal sense. Know your sources.”

(Day 6) #1: “We offer our truth and heart that we believe peace and love grows, heals, and is a transcendent good, and we as Rainbow Family are grateful, encouraging and faithful to this truth of peace and love.”

(Day 6) #3: “Remaining united is an important part of maintaining the integrity of our family. Furthermore, standing behind the decisions of Spring Counsel is a crucial way of carrying out that intent, just as Spring Counsel respects Vision Counsel.”

(Day 6) “Love Letter #4: To the World Rainbow Family Vision Counsel Cherished Family, Your correspondence was faithfully delivered and received with pleasure. There is growing excitement at the idea of a meeting of Families in 2022. Some of us wish greatly to visit you in 2019 where we hope to more deeply discuss this possibility.With sincere regard and love,Rainbow Family of Living Light Vision Counsel, July 2018”

(Day 6) #5: “Water is life.”

(Day 7) #6: “We invite all individuals to continue circling at our Harvest Counsel, which will be November 22-25, 2018, in or near the consented region.”

(Day 7) #7: “We practice peace. We reaffirm our aspiration to respect consent and to be gentle in all of our interactions.”

(Day 7) #8: “We invite all who gather around the world to share in a silent meditation and prayer for peace from dawn till noon on July 4, 2022.”

(Day 10) #9: “We encourage individuals to help co-create the 48th Annual Rainbow Family of Living Light Gathering of the Tribes from July 1-7, 2019, and to join us in a silent meditation and prayer for peace from dawn till noon on July 4, 2019, somewhere in the Western Lake Superior region from the Nicolet Forest through the Chippewa Forest, including all National Forests between.” [This includes all National Forests in Wisconsin and Minnesota]

[Note on Love Letter #4: Last year’s Vision Counsel reached consensus on “We invite the world to a silent meditation for world peace on July 4th, 2022.” Individuals brought that message to the World Gathering Vision Counsel in Taiwan in 2018.

The Taiwan Gathering, having sent a pair of messages back and forth between two potential World Gathering sites, penned their third letter and sent it to Vision Counsel in the USA. It reads, “Love Letter #3: Dearest Rainbow Family,We have heard your invitation to join us in 2022, and we like it. We look forward to discussing it more at the next Vision Counsel. This letter is the consensus of the World Rainbow Family Vision Counsel. “Love Letter #4 is a response to this message, and will be carried to the 2019 World Rainbow Family Vision Counsel in Colombia.]

cRainbow Family Achieves World Peace!