2020 Rainbow Family Vision Counsel

2020 Rainbow Family Vision Counsel Consensus

[Notes: Family Counsel was held on most days of the gathering. Many spoke, maybe hundreds. A few consensuses were dabbled with, but none passed. Those conversations continued in Vision Counsel. Possibly over 50 spoke on the 7th day.]

Vision Counsel Consensus 2020 

Day 1

We the People, being individuals present at Vision Counsel at the 49th Annual Rainbow Gathering of Living Light in the Payette National Forest on the 7th day of Duly 2020, convene and consecrate our manifest through Consensus by Silence.

1. We reaffirm that our living vision thrives and relies upon Consensus found on the land in Open Counsel.

2. Consensus is our very best means of advising but is not binding, and new advice or current situation may cultivate new consensus from individuals present when the people gather in counsel on the land.

3. We suggest that Harvest Counsel be called as close as feasible to the condensed 2021 Gathering region, on the weekend of the full moon after the fall equinox.

4. We encourage individuals to share the entire vision counsel consensus instead of just part of it.

5. With great joy and abundant enthusiasm, we invite all who carry hope and intent to join us in a morning of Silence from dawn until noon to constitute World Peace through inner peace, and to Gather with Open Hearts for the 50th rainbow gathering Duly 1-7 2021, and to counsel our vision on the seventh day,

Santa Fe









In a National Forest.

Day 2

6. We call for a discussion on Rainbow Caravans to be held on July 1st at Main Counsel.

7. The Earth as a whole is the common heritage and responsibility of the life borne upon her. We close the 2020 Vision Counsel with a silent passing of the feather.



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