2021 Annual Rainbow Family Gathering

2021 Annual Rainbow Family Gathering / New Mexico USA

The 2021 Annual Rainbow Family Gathering July, 1 – 7th, 2021 in New Mexico USA. Be sure and make plans to celebrate a prayer for world peace, a healing fire circle as well as all the high energy love found at this peaceful community gathering.

With great joy and abundant enthusiasm, we welcome all who carry hope and intent to join us in the mourning of Silence from dawn until noon to constitute World Peace through inner peace, and to gather with open hearts for the 2021 Annual Rainbow Family Gathering.

Mini-Manual for Rainbow Gatherings

Rap 107 / 701 – Gathering Consciousness / Happy Trails

We Love You - Rainbow Family of Living Light

We gather for peace and to exercise our resolve to build strong community through consensual manners proving time and time again that we will remain family united through all times.

The Prayer for World Peace has managed to happen every year since 1972 without interruption despite many hurdles and is the main focus of thje Rainbow Family Gatherings. This prayer starts on the morning of the fourth of July in a meditative hush of silence until noon when the air fills with loud rejoicing, affirmations of love echoing across the meadow and many hugs being shared. Our children, beacons of the future are paraded into to the circle and share in the jubilation. A very proud part of the celebration and speaks to our hope in the future so that peace may prevail. There is also a prayers to honor all those who have gone on to greater realms, they are here with us in our hearts and will forever remain part of our family celebrations and deep in our prayers.

HOWDY FOLKS! — 36.20384, -105.40882

Ignore all rumors of cancellation, site changes, postponements, leadership, name changes, bad energy or fear tactics or other crazy rumors. There are LEO’s patrolling the roads as always. Fire Ban is lifted. Propane is still the new chocolate.

Hello Beautiful Rainbow Family of Living Light. Here are the directions for this year Annual Rainbow Gathering. If you are in Taos NM head south on Hwy 68 Turn left on Hwy 518 in Ranchos de Taos stay on Hwy 518 for around 24 miles go past Tres Ritos around mile marker 49 turn left on Forest Road 76 go 9 miles. Welcome Home. Seed camp dates are from 6-21-21 thru 6-30-21. Call the SW light line for more information. (602) 518-7975
Welcome Home , Lovin you.

With deep heartfelt plea to everyone who is praying for peace on July 4th, please add their prayers for John Buffalo. He has been in the ICU for all but 6 or 7 days of the last 75 days. He has done everything in his power for this family and I am begging this family to invoke every metaphysical, prayer, loving energy thing we collectively know how to do so that he gets off this ventilator and makes it home. I’ll be oming from home or maybe the hospital with John Buffalo – /// Let’s manifest some healing love!

Stage I Fire Restrictions Carson National Forest
The purpose of this Order is to reduce the risk of human-caused wildfires during periods of high fire danger and severe fire weather conditions. Forest Service does have exemptions if approved.
Site dynamics, weather conditions, suppression gear, technologies, group dedication and rapport with the Forest Service will dictate the inherent opportunities. Some locations still have snow, mud and moist earth conditions that may be exceptional and conducive to a well lite gathering. LIFTED 6/30/2021
Rain in the forecast next ten days! Some areas have also received a blessing of rain recently. Daytime temperatures are around 80 degrees and night time temperatures around 50 degrees. Sudden showers, wind storms, hail and lightning can be dangerous or just uncomfortable without proper gear and shelter. Traps are easy solutions to many weather issues so having several can be a blessing. Proper clothes are a survival must, bring all season attire for safety and comfort. Keep your items and bedding dry, by thinking ahead. Being prepared is a mantra.
Bus Village / Handi-Capable Camp

Both are as near to the Welcome Home as possible and there may be additional camps and parking set up later in the week. Still in seed camp and working with the Forest Service on parking logistics as well as other considerations. Still early in the process.

The Forest Service has closed a portion of the road going into the gathering site as well as some unsafe spots along the road and have also staked out a parking area for emergency vehicles, LEO’s, incident command, fire service – other authorized vehicles. The locations are clearly marked and should be avoided under penalty of fine and removal.
The 2021 Annual Rainbow Family Gathering is in the Carson National Forest and the site has one river, two creeks, nine springs, melting snow and is very lush and green. Lots of shade, trees, rocks, meadows and plenty of room for dispersed camping. A very beautiful site that is getting daily rain fall.A lot of folks are hitch hiking in from all major cities as usual. Help family out by sharing the ride if at all possible. If you can not offer a ride please at least stop and make sure everyone has water. It is hot out there so show some love. Currently (5/25/2021) there are about 800 people on site.
The sacred herb, no matter how legal it is in any state and whether or not you have a legal right to posses and use such gifts, marijuana is still illegal on the federal level and in the National Forests. Be extra careful going into and out of the gatherings, LEO’s are vicious and are filling quotas. Read: Rap 420
The road into the gathering site is La Junta Road and also Forest Road 76. It is a hard packed gravel road that is wide enough for two vehicles and has a few precarious locations. There a few potholes, washboards, bumps and uneven grades. Use caution, watch your speed, look out for turns and oncoming traffic. Law enforcement are on maneuvers patrolling. Be legal and ready for interaction, have your papers available and know your rights. You do not have to consent to searches, volunteer non pertinent information or assist them in any investigations. Be cordial, polite and provide only the things required under the law.Faith that the family can gather and ignite their dreams under all odds is good virtue and speaks well to our moral nature of support for each other. No doubt there is a strong will to circle, send out good will and a prayer for world peace regardless of obstacles.
Police do not have the right to search your vehicle without probable cause. Stereotyping is not a probable cause. Keep your cameras on. Ask questions. Deny searches. They are not allowed to have their dogs sniff your vehicle without probable cause. Remember- remove all obstructions from your vehicle windows. Stuff on the dashboard, anything hanging from rear view mirror. Have a safe trip.Osha Root. This may be one of the most loved and adored medicinal plants by the locals of New Mexico. Used to bring oxygen into the body which increases endurance, helps altitude sickness, uplifts the mind and helps the lungs. Osha is most commonly used to clear congestion of the lungs and during times of coughs or colds. Lowers fever, helps toothache, stimulates digestion. Its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory.
Just a reminder to all our beautiful wonderful family that we need to take responsibility for feeding and healing each other. Going to local food banks in the gathering area isn’t cool. We generally gather in rural areas and with current economic hardships, the people who live in the local communities may be struggling to provide care of their families and guests. They didn’t invite us to come so we have to be extra considerate guests. We have plenty of wealth in our own family that we need to be sharing with each other. Our vision of a co-operative future needs to be one in which we create our own resources, not siphon resources from other people. Be good neighbors.Rainbow Family Memorial
This group was started to memorialize our Family who are no longer with us physically.
Please invite everyone you know who misses someone who has passed. I’ll be adding Admins asap.
This is all about love and nothing negative will be tolerated. https://www.facebook.com/groups/RainbowRIP

Rainbow Family Gathering 2021Rainbow Family Gathering 2021

Rainbow Family Gathering 2021

Anticipate chilly nights and high chance of rain/hail. Welcome Home! We Love You!!

The 2021 Annual Rainbow Family of Living Light Gathering will be held July 1st – 7th, 2021

Prayer for World Peace July 4th Sunrise until Noon in silent mediation.

Vision Counsel will be held July 7th until consensus is reached.

Clean up will be July 8th and will continue until all concerned parties are satisfied every effort has been made to disappear any evidence we were even here.

Safe and sound ride share

2021 – New Mexico Carson National Forest
2020Idaho Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests near Riggins
2019 – Wisconsin Near Delta at Canthook Lake
2018 – Georgia
2017 – Oregon
2016 – Vermont
2015 – South Dakota (also large regional in Michigan)
2014 – Utah
2013 – Montana
2012 – Tennessee
2011 – Washington
2010 – Pennsylvania
2009 – New Mexico
2008 – Wyoming
2007 – Arkansas Near Fallis
2006 – Colorado Near the town of Clark, CO in Routt National Forest. Bus Village was by Big Red Park, while the site was by Silver City Creek..
2005 – West Virgina Near the towns of Richwood, Marlington, and Hillsboro at the Cranberry Glades Botanical area in Monongahela National Forest.
2004 – California Near the town of Likely, CA in Modoc National Forest. This site was about 4 miles north of the site used for the 1984 Gathering.
2003 – Utah Near Mt View Wyoming in Bridger Teton National Forest.
2002 – Upper Pennisula, Michigan Near the town of Bruce Crossing in Ottawa National Forest.
2001 – Idaho Near the town of Stanley, Idaho, in Boise National Forest.
2000 – Montana Near the town of Jackson, Montana, in Big Hole Valley.
1999 – Pennsylvania Near the town of Ridgeway, PA in Allegany National Forest.
1998 – Arizona At Carnero Spring near Springerville in Apache-Sitgreaves Natioanl Forest.
1997 – Oregon At Indian Prarie near Prineville and Mitchell Oregon in Ochococ National Forest.
1996 – Missouri By Thomasville in Mark Twain National Forest.
1995 – New Mexico By the San Antonio River near Tres Piedras in Carson National Forest.
1994 – Wyoming Snyder Basin near Big Piney in Bridger Teton National Forest.
1993 – Alabama (Kentucky too) Talladaga National Forest.
1992 – Colorado By Overland Reserviour, near Paonia, in White River National Forest.
1991 – Vermont By Texas Falls, near Granville, in Green Mountain National Forest. It’s on the Bread Loaf quadrangle.
1990 – Minnesota By Barker Lake, near Lutsen, in Superior National Forest.
1989 – Nevada By Robinson Hole, Near Jarbidige, in Humbolt National Forest. It’s on the Nevada-Idaho Jarbidge quadrangle.
1988 – Texas By Boggy Creek, near Lufkin, in Angelina National Forest. It’s on the Cassells-Boykin Park quadrangle.
1987 – North Carolina Near Tapoco, in Nantahala National Forest. It`s on the Tapoca quadrangle.
1986 – Pennsylvania Near Long Hollow, near Cobham in Allegheny National Forest. It’s on the Cobham quadrangle.
1985 – Missouri In Mark Twain National Forest.
1984 – California By Black Cone,in Modoc National Forest. It’s on the Emerson Peak & Eagle Peak quadrangles.
1983 – Michigan Near Paynesville, in Ottawa National Forest. It’s rumored to be on the Trout Creek quadrangle.
1982 – Idaho Near New Meadows, in Boise National Forest. It’s rumored to be on a combination of the following quadrangles. Crokked River Point, Peck Mountain, Rush Peak, Goodrich.
1981 – Washington Near Usk, in Kanisku National Forest. It’s rumored to be on the Goddards Peak quadrangle.
1980 – West Virginia By the Three Forks of the Willimas River, near Webster Springs, in Monongahela National Forest. It’s on the Webster Springs SW quadrangle.
1979 – ArizonaIn Apache National Forest. It’s rumored to be on one of these quadrangles. Escudilla Mountain, Kuna Lake, Maness Peak, Blue, Alma Mesa.
1978 – OregonBy White Horse Meadows, in Umpqua National Forest. It’s on the Fish Creek Desert quadrangle.
1977 – New Mexico By Burnt Corral Canyon, in Gila National Forest. It’s on the Burnt Corral Canyon quandrangle.
1976 – Montana By Cave Mountain, near Choteau, in Lewis and Clark National Forest. It’s on the Cave Mountain quadrangle.
1975 – Arkansas By the White & Buffalo Rivers, near Mountain Home, in Ozark National Forest.
1974 – Utah By the Virgin River, near Bryce Canyon, in Dixie National Forest. It’s rumored to be the Temple of Sinawava quadrangle.
1973 – Wyoming By Antelope Hills, near Lander, in Shosone National Forest. It’s rumored to be on a combination of these quadrangles. Schoettlin Mountain, Red Canyon, Lewiston Lakes, Barras Springs. the
1972 – Colorado By Strawberry Lake, near Granby, in Roosevelt National Forest. It’s on the Strawberry Lake quandrangle.

Try counting on your fingers. “Math is hard” (even I got confused and had to count again) 1972 = 1st Gathering/Prayer
1973 = 2 = 1st Anniversary
1974 = 3
1975 = 4
1976 = 5
1977 = 6
1978 = 7
1979 = 8
1980 = 9
1981 = 10
1991 = 20
2001 = 30
2011 = 40
2021 = 50th Gathering/Prayer
2022 = 50th Anniversary

Traditionally Annual Gatherings use the numbered year and rarely the Anniversary

We are the only species that is destroying the source of life, meaning Mother Earth, in the name of power, mineral resources, and ownership of land. Using chemicals and methods of warfare that are doing irreversible damage, as Mother Earth is becoming tired and cannot sustain any more impacts of war.  In our prophecies it is told that we are now at the crossroads: Either unite spiritually as a global nation, or be faced with chaos, disasters, diseases, and tears from our relatives’ eyes.  Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Come be part of the One Prayer – We Love You!

Rap 107 / 701 – Gathering Consciousness / Happy Trails
Counsel Notes – 2020/2021 Annual Rainbow Family Of Living Light


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