2022 Rainbow Family Gathering

World Rainbow Family of Living Light Gathering Of The Tribes
Prayer for World Peace – Sacred Healing Fire Circle

51st Annual Rainbow Family Gathering
50th Anniversary Rainbow Family Tribal Reunion
Colorado ~ United States America – July 1st – 7th 2022

We invite the World Rainbow Gathering to the USA to co-create the 2022 Rainbow Gathering as a World Rainbow Family Reunion.


We counsel for peace
2021 Rainbow Family Vision Counsel Notes

We counsel for peace

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The state of Colorado resides on indigenous ancestral and occupied lands of the Apache nation, the Arapaho nation, Cheyenne nation, Pueblo tribes, Shoshone tribe and the Ute nation. Other Indian tribes whose territory sometimes extended into Colorado included: The Comanche tribe, the Kiowa tribe and the Navajo tribe. There are currently two federally recognized Indian tribes in Colorado today: Southern Ute Tribe and Ute Mountain Ute Tribe.

We acknowledge the ongoing relationships these Nations have with this land and urge non-Native people to educate themselves about this history and contemporary work of tribal sovereignty within these Nations. Through this acknowledgement, we honor the Elders and their descendants of these Indigenous Nations in order to bring visibility to these long silenced histories while working toward a more just and equitable future.

2022 Annual Rainbow Family Gathering
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PSA: CALL YOUR LOVED ONES!!! – If you are travelling and plan to be in the woods for an extended time, please call your loved ones and let them know you are doing well and when you will contact them next. Don’t let them worry. There is usually no cell access on gathering sites so please take the time when you are in town to make contact. Ask to borrow a phone if need be.

Near Craig Colorado 40.828034, -107.128286 Overnight lows @ 36F/3C – Average High 87F/31C Rain expected over the weekend. Elevation is approx. 9K ft. Corrected Google Map 2 hr 28 min (75.1 miles) from Craig Colorado <— Triple checked!!!

Web Journal and updated site info: CLICK HERE!

Fire ban status: No ban. Be aware and cautious. Plan ahead. Check status here.

Folks should NOT enter the forest from the town of Hayden as there is a locked forest service gate there to protect Sandhill Crane Nests. Follow the posted directions for safest passage home.

Listen family – when they say mind the elevation, they are not joking. It’s a long hike up to the kitchens and meadow and it is ARDUOUS. Take a couple nights at the base and grab some dinner at van camp or Handi-camp before trying to bring your stuff up. There are no personal fires so be prepared to use a communal fire for all your combustion needs. There are two ways up the hill. One is straight up and one is up and down but longer. Pick your poison. It is cold at night – 20s and 30s, so be ready for that.

Handi-Camp is subject to move to a more central location as our family with needs deserve. Show some love and help get folks who want to be at the main circle, a little effort goes a long ways with such a large family.

2022 Welcome Home

On your drive into the gathering, please be careful especially at night. There are a lot of live critters running across the dirt roads on the way in. Some of them are small like a rabbits, some are as big as a cow with many animals in between. The county road 2 it’s a good road but it is dirt. Be careful when you’re driving. The road down into the site, county road 1 is dirt the whole way into the site. Safe travels on your way home!

FYI 6-26-2022 : There is a large presence of Law enforcement early this year just like every year, not only are they pulling people over at the entrance (2 miles North), they are searching some vehicles. Citations are being given out for petty offenses such as marijuana as well as the normal human activity like innocent public nudity, discreet urination, and harmless intoxication. K9’s are being used in unwarranty invasion of privacy and not only forest service is active in the abuse, the county sheriff deputies are as well. Please be careful as you enter family, stay safe. We love you.


This gathering will be the 51st annual gathering and the 50th annivarsary gathering making the event a very special and unigue experience that is sure to be empowered by a lot of volunteer energy from around the world and it is hoped that you and yours are able to come share in the blessings of a peaceful community on the land naturally.

The Rainbow Family gatherings are completely free and non-commercial expressions of individual hearts coming together for a moment in time to share many things. There are no leaders and the most valued of all things is respect. Peace is the goal and any questions can usually be answered with simple love.

WE LOVE YOU!!!! Please stay tuned ………….

Adopt a Rainbow Elder – This is a group for people to connect with elders or otherwise who are need help to get inside the gathering and help setting up their tent ect. https://www.facebook.com/groups/587287486027658

Bustang is a Colorado transportation company offering services from most major cities and do in fact have a route to Craig Colorado which is one of the closest towns to the gathering site. https://ridebustang.com/routes-maps/

Need a ride closer/to the 2022 Annual Gathering?? Well, here it is! Who needs them rides! This group is for linking up/caravanning to the annual Gathering, Gas pitch, and a smile is greatly appreciated! Get our family home!!! Loving you! Drive safe. Rainbow Rideshare is HERE

There are eleven national forests in the state of Colorado and each are unique, with similar, yet different landscapes and ecosystems. July Average high temperature is generally 84.0 °F / 28.8 °C and the average lows are 55.0 °F / 12.8 °C and can change suddenly when at elevations or during sudden storms. Expect cold nights and the possibility of a fire ban, bring appropriate gear to manage a safe and comfortable experience. Gathering site will be at altitudes above 8K ft. where oxygen is thinner and may present complication to almost anyone, acclimation is suggested . Bring extra drinking water and/or filters.

There have been gatherings called Rainbow Family Gatherings since at least 1972, and there has been at least one large gathering of the tribes every year in the United States on public land centered around the 4th of July date since inception. Many people from all walks of life gather together to pray for peace and healing in the world.

There are also other rainbow gatherings in many parts of the world, in different countries and on various continents. There are even world gatherings as well as many local and regional gatherings throughout the year. Some rainbow gatherings are timed with the solstice or equinox, some may be by the phases of the moon and at other special times and seasons throughout the year.

It is plausible that there have been rainbow family gatherings prior to the “first” rainbow gathering in 1972 though they may not have called themselves rainbow gatherings but where of the same spirit.

2022 Tribal Reunion - World Rainbow Gathering / Colorado

2022 Tribal Reunion – World Rainbow Gathering / Colorado – Art by Angel Monge