2022 Vision Counsel Consensus

We, the individuals gathered for the 50th anniversary of the Rainbow Family of Living Light, at vision counsel, on the land, in the occupied territory known as Colorado, have come to the following consensus:

We invite all peoples, cultures, creeds, communes, adults, children, and individuals, out of love, to share in gathering for 7 days, from July 1st through the 7th, with a silent meditation for peace on July 4th, beginning harmoniously at dawn, until noon, when we gather together in a circle, in the northern Appalachians, including and between the Alleghenies and the White Mountains National Forest.

The Rainbow Family of Living Light operates with volunteers. If you see something that needs to be done, we suggest you take action in a constructive manner.

We lovingly invite the World Rainbow community to cocreate a World Family Village next year, in 2023, to continue building rainbow bridges for future generations.

We are one family. May peace on Earth prevail. We ask that GivingThanks counsel be called within the consensed northern Appalachian region, from November 23rd-26th, 2022, beginning with a family feast on Thursday, November 23rd, followed by counsel through to Sunday, November 26th.

We honor the First Peoples of all lands on which we gather. We welcome all First Peoples to join and connect with us at Rainbow Gatherings to come.

We encourage those who gather to take precaution with what they put on and in their body.We are heartbroken by the ever-increasing amount of mental health struggles, suicides, and accidental deaths in our family associated with the opioid crisis overwhelming this continent. Overdoses are real, and our family can be happy, healthy and safe, when we protect and care for ourselves and one another.We acknowledge that Lyme disease is a potential threat to our ability to live in harmony with the natural world.

We encourage a community of consciousness surrounding prevention and treatment protocols so that our family can continue to thrive in our forests.

We love and honor our family who are building and participating in communes, farms, ecovillages, and intentional communities. As we move into the next era of rainbow gatherings we extend our warm gratitude and encouragement and encouragement toward family who are pursuing more permanent attempts at long term sustainability.


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