Rainbow Family Gatherings

Historical Sacred Sites 1972 through 2023

2023 – Northern Appalachians, including and between the Alleghenies and the White Mountains National Forest. Rainbow Family Gathering

2022 – Colorado at Adams Park in Routt National Forest near Craig

2021 – New Mexico Carson National Forest about a half hour south of Taos

2020 – Idaho Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest at Iron Phone Campgrounds near Riggins. Site was at a public campground.

2019 – Wisconsin Near Delta at Canthook Lake

2018 – Georgia in the Chattahoochee National Forest in northern Georgia near Dahlonega. DIRECTIONS: From Interstate 75 south east of Chattanooga, Tennessee, take highway 76 east approximately 67 miles towards East Ellijay, Georgia. From East Ellijay, take Highway 62 east towards Dahlonega. About 28 miles from East Ellijay, turn north (left) on Nimblewill Road. Then turn right on Forest Service Road 28-1. Then turn left on Forest Service Road 83 (aka Bull Mountain Road). Continue about 1.5 miles to Welcome Home.

2017 – Oregon in the Malheur National Forest near John Day / Mount Tabor Flagtail Meadow. Approx. 20 miles northwest of Seneca, near the John Day River

2016 – Vermont near Road 10, in the Green Mountain National Forest between Manchester and Rutland

2015 – Two Annual Gatherings: South Dakota near the Deerfield Reservoir in the Black Hills National Forest ///// Also in Michigan Huron-Manistee National Forest in Wexford County.

2014 – Utah 15 miles east of Heber City, Utah in the Uinta National Forest, near the west fork of the Duchesne River and the Currant Creek Reservoir. 

2013 – Montana (Same site as the 2000 Annual Rainbow Gathering)

2012 –Tennesee in the Cherokee National Forest East of South Holston Lake between the lake and Holston Mountain. N 36.50175 W 82.04347 

2011 – Washington in Skookum Meadows Gifford Pinchot National Forest

2010 – Pennsylvania in Allegheny National Forest

2009 – New Mexico near Cuba in the Jemez Mountains in the Sante Fe National Forest.

2008 – Wyoming in the Bridger-Teton National Forest

2007 – Arkansas Near Fallis

2006 – Colorado Near the town of Clark, CO in Routt National Forest. Bus Village was by Big Red Park, while the site was by Silver City Creek.

2005 – West Virginia Near the towns of Richwood, Marlington, and Hillsboro at the Cranberry Glades Botanical area in Monongahela National Forest.

2004 – California Near the town of Likely, CA in Modoc National Forest. This site was about 4 miles north of the site used for the 1984 Gathering. Located approximately 140 miles north of Reno, NV. From US Highway 395 go to the town of Madeline, CA and go East on Clarks Valley Road (County Road 510). Continue along and Clarks Valley turns into Blue Lake Road. Proceed to Patterson-Sawmill Road (aka Long Valley Road) and follow signs to Patterson Meadow; continue eastward to Homestead Meadow (parking area).

2003 – Utah Near Mt View Wyoming in Bridger Teton National Forest.

2002 – Upper Peninsula, Michigan Near the town of Bruce Crossing in Ottawa National Forest.

2001 – Idaho Near the town of Stanley, Idaho, in Boise National Forest.

2000 – Montana Near the town of Jackson, Montana, in Big Hole Valley.

1999 – Pennsylvania Near the town of Ridgeway, PA in Allegheny National Forest.

1998 – Arizona At Carnero Spring near Springerville in Apache-Sitgreaves Natioanl Forest.

1997 – Oregon At Indian Prairie near Prineville and Mitchell Oregon in Ochococ National Forest.

1996 – Missouri By Thomasville in Mark Twain National Forest. From Willow Springs, take 60 east past Mountain View to 99 at Bitch Tree and head south till you get to Forest Service road 430 and then 3 miles east to the parking area. If you get to Thomasville, you’ve gone 3 miles too far.

1995 – New Mexico By the San Antonio River near Tres Piedras in Carson National Forest.

1994 – Wyoming Snyder Basin near Big Piney in Bridger Teton National Forest.

1993 – Alabama (Kentucky too) Talladaga National Forest.

1992 – Colorado By Overland Reserviour, near Paonia, in White River National Forest.

1991 – Vermont By Texas Falls, near Granville, in Green Mountain National Forest. It’s on the Bread Loaf quadrangle.

1990 – Minnesota By Barker Lake, near Lutsen, in Superior National Forest.

1989 – Nevada By Robinson Hole, Near Jarbidige, in Humbolt National Forest. It’s on the Nevada-Idaho Jarbidge quadrangle.

1988 – Texas By Boggy Creek, near Lufkin, in Angelina National Forest. It’s on the Cassells-Boykin Park quadrangle.

1987 – North Carolina Near Tapoco, in Nantahala National Forest. It`s on the Tapoca quadrangle.

1986 – Pennsylvania Near Long Hollow, near Cobham in Allegheny National Forest. It’s on the Cobham quadrangle.

1985 – Missouri In Mark Twain National Forest.

1984 – California By Black Cone,in Modoc National Forest. It’s on the Emerson Peak & Eagle Peak quadrangles.

1983 – Michigan Near Paynesville, in Ottawa National Forest. It’s rumored to be on the Trout Creek quadrangle.

1982 – Idaho Near New Meadows, in Boise National Forest. It’s rumored to be on a combination of the following quadrangles. Crooked River Point, Peck Mountain, Rush Peak, Goodrich.

1981 – Washington Near Usk, in Kanisku National Forest. It’s rumored to be on the Goddards Peak quadrangle.

1980 – West Virginia By the Three Forks of the Willimas River, near Webster Springs, in Monongahela National Forest. It’s on the Webster Springs SW quadrangle.

1979 – Arizona In Apache National Forest. It’s rumored to be on one of these quadrangles. Escudilla Mountain, Kuna Lake, Maness Peak, Blue, Alma Mesa.

1978 – Oregon By White Horse Meadows, in Umpqua National Forest. It’s on the Fish Creek Desert quadrangle.

1977 – New Mexico By Burnt Corral Canyon, in Gila National Forest. It’s on the Burnt Corral Canyon quadrangle.

1976 – Montana By Cave Mountain, near Choteau, in Lewis and Clark National Forest. It’s on the Cave Mountain quadrangle.

1975 – Arkansas By the White & Buffalo Rivers, near Mountain Home, in Ozark National Forest.

1974 – Utah By the Virgin River, near Bryce Canyon, in Dixie National Forest. It’s rumored to be the Temple of Sinawava quadrangle.

1973 – Wyoming By Antelope Hills, near Lander, in Shosone National Forest. It’s rumored to be on a combination of these quadrangles. Schoettlin Mountain, Red Canyon, Lewiston Lakes, Barras Springs.

1972 – Colorado By Strawberry Lake, near Granby, in Roosevelt National Forest. It’s on the Strawberry Lake quadrangle.

An Unofficial List of Annual Rainbow Gatherings – Traditional Dates:

These traditional rainbow family gathering dates always have exceptions and are never final until mutual consensus is met to manifest a gathering. Call your local lightline or contact friends in the know before assuming these dates are correct for the current year. ‘Full moon cycle’ commonly means the gathering will be on the new moon and end on the new moon and it’s peak will be on the full moon of the month in question.

Colorado Rainbow Gathering
Typically August (when it happens, which is not always).

New England Rainbow Gathering
Usually the span of the two weekends book-ending Full Moon August.

Europe Rainbow Gathering
August full moon cycle.

Quebec Rainbow Family
August full moon cycle.

“Mainebow” Rainbow Gathering
Typically August (when it happens, which is not always).

Nebraska Fall Rainbow Gathering
Labor Day weekend through Labor Day

Heartland Rainbow Gathering
Usually the span of the two weeks book-ending the Autumn Equinox

Washington Rainbow Gathering
August or September often with the full moon or equinox in mind.

Shawnee Rainbow Gathering
Traditionally the first fourteen days of October or Columbus Day and the eleven days preceding it.

Israel Autumn Rainbow Gathering
The entire Hebrew month of Cheshvan

Thanksgiving / Harvest / Fall Counsel
The fourth Thursday November and the following weekend.

Georgia Solstice Rainbow Gathering (USA)
December with a focus on the Winter Solstice.

Black Sheep Solstice Rainbow Gathering
Usually the Friday preceding the Winter Solstice through December 26th.

Hawaii Oahu Rainbow Gathering
Late December, every other year (odd years), usually including the period from Dec 25th – Jan 1st.

Guatemala Rainbow Gathering
January full moon cycle.

Hawaii Big Island Rainbow Gathering
Full moon January, with three days before and after the full moon to gather.

Ocala Rainbow Gathering (FL)
February, with a focus on Valentine’s Day.

AZ Love Rainbow Gathering
February, with a focus on Valentine’s Day. Usually the Friday before V-Day through the Sunday after it.

A-Cola Rainbow Gathering (FL)
March, usually around the first half.

Texas Spring Equinox Gathering
Usually spanning the two weeks book-ending Spring Equinox.

Costa Rica Rainbow Gathering
Spring Equinox full moon cycle.

Israel Spring Rainbow Gathering
The entire month of Hebrew Nisan.

Talladega Rainbow Gathering (AL)
Lately, early April.

Southwest Earth Day Rainbow Gathering
April, usually spanning the two weekends book ending the period of April 20th-22nd.

South Bend Kidz Rainbow Gathering
April with a focus on the period of April 20th-22nd.

Oklahoma Rainbow Gathering
Typically the first half of May.

Ozark Rainbow Family
Mid May or First of June for Spring Regional Gatherings / September for Fall Regional Gatherings.

Midwest Rainbow Gathering

Cumberland Rainbow Gathering
Traditionally spanning the two weeks book-ending the May full moon, this year Cumberland family not to gather, and Bluegrass family gathered instead. Repercussions on future Kentucky gatherings are unknown.

Philly Area Rainbow Potluck
3rd Saturday of May.

NYC Central Park Rainbow Picnic
3rd Sunday of May.

Oregon Rainbow Gathering
Often in Early June.

Katuah Rainbow Gathering
Usually the span of the two weekends book-ending the Summer Solstice.


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