Gathering in Respect

Rap 107 / 701 – Gathering Consciousness / Happy Trails

This years gatherings will be unlike any previous gatherings due to the Novel Covid-19 Virus, state quarantine status, local supply chains and unforeseen hurdles including all the normal legalities associated with free assembly.

Many of our family peers may be unable to attend gatherings due to personal ideologies, compromised health issues, and as an offering of protection, they have chosen not to gather this year because as a safe alternative to circling in larger numbers. Our prayers are with them and we look forward to being together soon.

Many of our elders, olders and deeply dedicated family have gifted our circle much over the years. They have sacrificed their time and energy to prepare a way for the many. Without those sacrifices we would not have had those beautiful past gatherings nor would we all be so blessed; our eternal gratitude for the service rendered in the name of love. Also, much respect and remembrance for those who have passed on to greater gatherings… may they never be forgotten.

In the heart of walking respectfully on the path created for us, gathering this year will require a high level of humbleness. There will be a need for personal space, safe interaction, personal responsibility and creative sharing. We as family must not only look after ourselves but be aware of the needs of others. We must make a return sacrifice and help each other through difficult times. Attending any gathering this year will exercise and temper our internal and external strength. Lets have a great gatherings that shines so brightly that all of our family can be proud.


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