Kind Safety Considerations

Rap 107 / 701 – Gathering Consciousness / Happy Trails – Safety suggestions, with love.

Everyone wants to have safe, happy and healthy gatherings that can be cherished for years to come and remembered as a great time to gather even with so much uncertainty in the world. No one wants to get sick or cause others to fall ill and so it is up to us all as individuals to ensure that there is a good measure of cleanliness and total respect for our siblings. It is human nature to want to share and commune together sociably and in close contact.

Due to common concern among our peers and through good counsel and in the interest for all residents we may encounter while traveling, and from among local communities; and in acknowledgement of the heightened risk of infectious exposures. It is encouraged that any Family who are attending the rainbow family gatherings use all precautions, such as masks and social distancing, in all the communities on route to and from a gathering site.

We would like to suggest this growing list of safety recommendations in the hopes that all who attend the gatherings are as safe as possible from contracting any diseases, viruses or bacterial infections. If you think you have been exposed to any illness and develop a fever and or other symptoms such as cough or difficulty breathing please consider not attending the gathering and/or leave for the sake of others. Seek good qualified medical assistance as soon as possible. Please quarantine as a matter of respect and mutual safety.

-Wash your hands often and disinfect.
-Optional temperature checks at welcome home
-Masks and gloves available for handout
-Hand disinfectant at Welcome home/kitchens/camps/latrines/Main circle
-Conscious Camp cul-de-sacs for COVID concerned folks with clear sign postings
-Come to the gatherings prepared for fully independent camping… (Make your own food/have your own latrine/pack all of your own trash/recycling out)
-Safety ogres at all water sources/wash stations/food servings helping with education
-If family requests social distancing, please wear something that clearly communicates that (i.e. a T-shirt/hat clearly stating request for 6 ft. distance) – or signal for distancing.
-Gloves available for all ogres and kitchen/serving staff
-Dispersed camping and pod camping
-Hands-free option for Fourth of July Om
-Limit your presents in the local communities
-Have your own clean blissware – Bring cup, spoon, plate for own use

WARNING: Be fire ready with a shovel, rake, 5 gallon bucket of water and never leave a camp fire unattended. Be aware that root fires can happen underground. Fires happen quick and help may not be immediately available. Community shared fires are best if a work around to offer social distancing can be found – share. Be careful with any fires!