Rainbow Diversity

Rainbow has become many things for many people.
The vision is big.
Criticism and critiques of it can be perfectly valid and even helpful,
if they are pursued with the proper mindset.
If we are to help ourselves?
We must learn to help each other,
If we are to have peace between friends?
We must learn how to have peace between adversaries,
If we want tranquility?
We must learn how to calm discordance.
A Rainbow Gathering is like homework in the class of World Peace;
we actually have to do the assignment in order to be able to gain the knowledge to be able to pass the test.

I am proud of the fact that there are a lot of people at a Rainbow Gathering; who are actually, genuinely different from each other.
They have to struggle to figure out how to get along, that means it’s actually doing something, for real.
It’s kind of like the difference between washing clean clothes and washing clothes that need cleaned.
We need to take turns helping each other!
We all need each other.
We all need love.
We all need exceptence and validation and a community.
We all need a place and a purpose.
Many come to Gatherings as they are, and it ain’t always purty…
There are some problems
I’m more disappointed with the hoity-toity raver party goers, that come to the Gathering because it’s like a free Festival to them; they aren’t there for the potential!!!

Some of the people with the biggest demons have room in their heart to be the biggest angels.

If we work together and help each other??? Surprisingly good things come into being!
But we have to work for it.
We can’t just expect to show up and have a perfect Gathering; where everybody agrees with us and there’s no conflict.
To me that wouldn’t even be a Gathering, that would just be a party.
I seek to have a people.
I seek to have a community.
I seem to have a culture.
I seek a new way of being
and these things need to be figured out,
they need to be worked out.

Rainbow Gatherings are not just a circle of bougeoir hippies, that have the time,
And the money to go camping; Rainbow Gatherings are collection of lots of types of people, some of them are super duper Rich, other ones are completely poor, some people have been raised by violence, some people survived by violence; some people are oblivious to all the bad things that do go on at Rainbow Gatherings. I’ve been to many Gatherings, and I have seen very few acts of violence. There is a dark side of the rainbow, generally it’s surrounded by alcohol.
But you can’t paint the entire Rainbow family with the same broad strokes of a brush.

We can be a family to each other…
We can built a good way of being together…
We can bring little pieces of that way if being back to our own lives…
We need to build communities…
We need to shine our light out into the world.
We need to make the life that we dream of…
Play music…
sing in public…
become a mine…
Learn to bake fine Danish pastries…
Scuba dive…
Hacky sack.

Lots of ways to step outside of your comfort zone …
You can discover your self and your world by “adjusting the dial and antenna” rather than traveling long distance…
If you want to go somewhere, go…
But if you want to find yourself???
You will have to do the work, inside.
Travel and experiencing new things is good.
Breaking cycles and forming new patterns can be great.
But act purposeful.
You are an your path.
Make it get you somewhere you want to be.
Have dreams
Make goals
Pursue visions.

World Peace is built with happy people.

Written by: William Wil Liam Matchett


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