Rainbow Family Connections

These light lines are volunteer resources in various time zones, please only call during respectable hours and be ready to write information down. Light lines are a blessing sometimes as they may be the only access for information. They are also stewarded by individuals, each with their own perspectives, field contacts and abilities to relate what they know or are willing to share in such an anonymous way to the public.

You will be interacting with individuals so don’t expect every little detail to provide every answer that is needed to satisfy your needs. Use common sense and incorporate several sources of information to make final decisions on what is appropriate to your sensibilities. Trust your instincts and be creative when gathering leads to any gathering or event, do ask questions. There are multiple resources online so verify as best you can.

Oklahoma Light Line: 405-606-9103
Katuah Rainbow Family Light Line: 816-662-6112
Colorado Rainbow Family Light Line 303-936-5995
Philly Light Line: 215-701-7233
SW AZ/NM Light Line: 602-518-7975
The Ho Mid South Light Line 816-662-6112
Cumberland  Light Line: 770-662-6112
Arizona Light Line: 928-316-2837
Arizona Light Line: 928-460-8817
Maine Rainbow Light Line number 207-515-2344
Mid-South Light Line 817-662-6112
NW Ohio Light Line 419-965-2156
Dutch RB Info-Line 020 468 3344
North East Rainbow Family NERF (845) 774-4100
Another NERF/NERD Light Line 215-701-7233
North West Tribes Hotline (503) 727-2498 (Portland OR)
Mid Atlantic Hotline 202 797-3625 (Washington DC)
OM Valley Rainbow (513) 956-1675
New York City lightline 212 560-7111
Dallas Drum Hotline 214.823.DRUM
Indiana Moonlit Gatherings More info at MoonLit Gatherings web site.

Be courteous and call during normal hours. This information verified accurate as of 7-10-21 – Some redundancies are intentional. This information verified accurate as of 7-10-21 PM for corrections, additions or suggestions.



Rainbow is something unique to everyone. I felt good about what I experienced … even the divisive energy revealed important lessons. “Buddha of the darkness”.



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