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Rainbow Family Annual Gathering - Ozark Region 2007
Rainbow Family Annual Gathering – Ozark Region 2007

Current News: Scouting Rendezvous August 20 – 21, 2022 https://www.anyplaceamerica.com/directory/mo/oregon-county-29149/springs/paty-spring-724102/

Howdy Folks!

On behalf of the spirit of the forest in the heart of the Ozarks, those who choose to follow the path of unity with open hearts, hands, and minds are invited to a celebration of peace and love from the Ozark Rainbow Family.

Safety : In these times it is our concern to create a Greater Space for the Health & Safety of the Community. We ask that respect is given to those who choose to partake in their own social distancing. All involved in the gathering are expected to maintain sanitation and hygiene of themselves and their environment to a high standard.

Respect : Each gathering is painted with every color of the rainbow. We are a family that thrives and prides ourselves in our practice of tolerance and respect for everyone’s personal boundaries, choices, and beliefs as long as they bring no harm upon themselves or others. We are a culture built upon Consent & the acceptance of differences. It is of our highest priorities to uphold the safety of Children, Animals, and All Beings within the reaches of the gathering. Through these principles, we express the truth that We are All One.

Environmental Consciousness : BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR TICKS & POISON IVY!!! We are entering their home in Mark Twain National Forest. Tread cautiously, and check for ticks daily on yourself, on your partner, on your children, on your parents, on your DOGS, and even on the people you want to get bit by a tick! Why? Because Lyme Disease aint no joke! Tick Fever aint no joke!

Heart Fire & Main Circle : The magick of the gathering radiates from the Heart Fire & Main Circle. This space of sharing Song, Dance, Music, Food, Story, Wisdom, & Workshops serves as the Traditional Center of the Gathering. In this space, please keep in the Tradition of No Alcohol, No Hard Drugs, No Meat, No Electronics, & No Firearms. We are here to share nature together and wish to leave the ways of Babylon where they exist, far from the woods. Again, our highest priority is protecting Children, Animals, and All Beings, especially at the Heart Fire & Main Circle.

Lend a Hand : We need your help! Kitchens need firewood & we all shit somewhere! Your experience at any gathering will go from great to supercallafradulisticexpialidocious in the blink of an eye when you help make it better than it was before. You, Yes You, can help the gathering flourish by:- gathering firewood- digging a shitter- helping out in a kitchen- preoccupying restless children- getting food from food banks to the kitchens- being a fire troll- finally putting your tarpology degree to good use- sharing your knowledge in a workshop- helping your neighbor set up their tent with half the poles missing- teaching folks how to Cha Cha- finding trash and putting it IN YOUR POCKET- collecting pocket trash from hippies down the trail. There’s a bunch of ways you can apply yourself. When you get involved, it puts the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae. “The more you give, the more you receive”

Weather : Pack for the Worst, Hope for the Best!What to Bring : Your own blissware (cups, spoons, bowls)Medicines: Pyrethrum, DEET (controversial, but whatever floats your boat), peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, garlic, ginger, calamine lotion, hydrocortisone, & everything that keeps you alive & feeling your dandiest!

Sanitation equipment, camping gear for the occasion, mountain dew, FLASHLIGHTS, instruments (drums), art making tools, fresh fruits and vegetables, knowledge, tools for gathering firewood and digging shitters, trade goods, Magick Hat contributions (that’s how we feed everybody) & smiles to share!If you pack it in, pack it out! What you bring into the woods must leave with you. We want to leave the forest better than when we found it. With that in mind, make sure to renaturalize your camping area when its time to go!

Bring trash from the gathering with you, as far from the nearest town as possible when you’re headed out, as well.Locals : Please treat everyone with the same amount of respect you deserve. This includes locals, law enforcement, & any walk of life you encounter on this journey. Mark Twain National Forest is for We the People. We hope to welcome those who don’t know the ways and workings of Rainbow Gatherings with the same love and light we see among ourselves. May Blessings Come Your Way! See you real soon!***

Ozarks Regional Rainbow Information – Facebook Group

Some Ozark Rainbow Family Hipstory – A humble opinion.

— There is a long history of Rainbow Family Gatherings and some very good traditions within the scope of the Ozarks Rainbow Family, much of which stretches back to the very beginnings of the Rainbow Family of Living Light as some of the elders in the area attended the very first gathering in 1972. The Ozarks Rainbow Family encompasses the tribes of the Kaw River Valleys of Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri, collectively known as the Region 8 Rainbow Family.

Similar to other regional rainbow families, the Ozarks Rainbow Family has hosted potlucks, camp outs, drum circles, regional gatherings as well as other events throughout the years and has had the honor of three National Annual Rainbow Family Gatherings in the region – One in 1985 (Missouri), 1996 (Missouri) and again in 2007 (Arkansas).

It is a desired vision among some family that the Ozarks Rainbow Family once again enjoy another National Annual Rainbow Family Gathering in the region by 2025 and to that extent there is energy building to bring manifest that vision along with an Ozark Kitchen serving and supporting the 2022 World Rainbow Family Gathering in Colorado.

Historically, The Ozarks Rainbow Family region has over the years seen many alternative communities started, some failing and some still in existence today such as Eastwind which has been very successful as an egalitarian model community, gained continued blessings in their business ventures and holds high honors as a local voting faction, being the largest base in their county.

Notably, with respect, not all of these communes have been strictly rainbow in nature but there have been influences from the rainbow culture uplifting the local counter cultural movements of the 1960’s, 1970’s and several revivals throughout the 1980’s, 1990’s.

Traditionally, the Ozarks Rainbow Family generally has a Spring Regional Gathering (May/June) and a Fall Regional Gathering (August/September) and has rarely missed a year in manifesting these gatherings throughout the decades. In some years the dates for the regional rainbow gatherings have shifted to early May to as late as the first of June. This same scenario plays out in the Fall and is largely the desire of those who attend the various counsels.

Oklahoma has a regional gathering in early May, Arkansas occasionally has various gatherings and focuses and the Ozarks Regional Gathering is often in Arkansas. Kansas has had several potlucks and other events in years past as does St. Louis, Columbia and Mountain Home.

Energy in the Ozarks is shared by family across the United States and is anticipated in good faith that the family gatherings in this region are kind, abundant and an understanding of the vision of world peace through community building, teaching, sharing and building strong bonds between various tribes. Many people tailor their time and financial resources to attend and uplift the gatherings in the Ozarks region looking forward to the event and preparing for all the goodness to come in a hardwood forest with clean water and generous kin who share in kindly.

Likewise, the Ozarks Rainbow Family has enjoyed the vibe of many individuals, tribes and kindred spirits from other regions over the years. Old energy has waxed and waned depending on their availability to attend and new energy is always welcomed. Focalizers, kitchens and many individuals have come and gone from the circle but all have carried rainbow ideologies, knowledge and love from the Ozarks region to many other family regions.

In the past, the Ozarks Rainbow Family have had their own publication called the ORB – Ozarks Rainbow Bulletin, have supported the Rainbow Guide in many ways, helped with articles in the AllWays Free and extended expertise to other family circles from our Center for Alternative Living Medicine. Many good principles have also been shared concerning Spring Tapping, Water Filtration, Scouting Logistics, Kitchen Sanitation, Latrines and Sweat lodge Building.

The Rainbow Family Gatherings, and our own regional family have a communal kitchen that serves wholesome food that is largely vegetarian and considerate of a host of dietary needs – meat is not considered kind living in creative world wide peace making however, there is various meat products (processed and harvested) being consumed at private camps, some social areas and on the periphery of the gatherings. Some kitchens may also indulge non-vegetarian practices so, if you have a belief system that requires specific accommodations always converse with the kitchen focalizers. Food served in circle is always vegetarian. Kitchens are supported by donations of supplies, food, energy and monetary contributions that allow some items to be purchased in bulk. Nothing is needed to sup in communion though a personal clean cup and spoon might help where gear is limited.

The Center for Alternative Living Medicine is first aide for occasional treatment of minor cuts, burns, splinters, sunburns and general relief from minor pain, dehydration and any injuries. CALM also can provide quick assessments of more serious complications through consultations and application of a variety of alternative practices found world wide including western medicine and spiritual prayer. Should there be any major serious injuries requiring triage and transport, the CALM focalizers will provide the best care in most any situation. Good people with knowledge of the arts and common sense to be a blessing in an emergency. CALM is a basic support system empowered by volunteer energy and any support you can lend keeps these services available to the gathering community to help keep us safe and healthy.

The family counsels, ie; – gives advice to (someone/each other). There is no authority, representatives or hierarchy within rainbow. Individualism is respected and is the building block of the circle, every single one of us adding to the gathered with an equal voice and a support network that encourages participation in most every aspect of the gatherings. We have a tribal anarchy with a participatory democracy. Co-operation is the goal in counseling together for common needs and the greater good. In other aspects, some individuals or groups are able to make good decisions and have found creative ways to benefit the gatherings with their own counsel circles. Some counsels are focused on immediate needs while others are concerned with longevity projects like the next gathering and logistics to create them. All Rainbow Counsels are open and announced.

Scout Counsel – A rendezvous for those wanting to scout in a focused group or for individuals to come present information on potential sites. This counsel usually sets the date for the next Scouting Rendezvous and/or Spring Counsel.

Spring Counsel – Happens in the Spring and is circling for a gathering focus in the coming month(s) and listens to advise from those who have been scouting. This Counsel either agrees to a date or supports a date given by a previous counsel. Spring Counsel also reaches an understanding or supports a site encouraged by a previous counsel.

Vision Counsel – Happens at the gathering and usually suggests the next Fall Gathering date and may also encourage a scouting focus with a future date and location.

Fall Counsel – Pretty much the same as Spring Counsel except sometimes/most times Fall Counsel does not happen and Scouting Counsel consensus on a gathering date and location. Respect is generally given to the Vision Counsel Consensus on dates and general location/area. Unless there is a clear objection and no call for Fall Counsel, the next gathering happens by natural selection (Scout Counsel) and with trust in the wisdom and knowledge of those who intend to gather.

There are other counsel types, times and dates as well as other gatherings, potlucks, drum circles, camp outs and social events. The Ozarks Rainbow Family is dynamic, diversified and interested in many projects in any given year because the family is spread out across a huge region, there are many tribes and not all of them have the same counsel circles (dates, methods, energy). It would not be strange to have two regional gatherings in the family regional circle on the same dates though it is super rare.

We are truly blessed in our community as the land offers most everything we need to gather comfortably in peace and the family in this region are very relaxed in manner with an easy going attitude personally and as a focused tribe representing our regional gatherings. Everyone who comes to visit are welcomed and invited to share in a collective experience, newcomers immediately feel the love and those who have been absent are quickly back among the fold as if they never missed a gathering in the area. We do care for each other and it shows.

Gathering under any name for the express purpose of peaceful public assembly has never been an easy chore and over the years there has been long periods of peaceful interactions with the local constables, national forest service and area communities. This in part is because of a history of peaceful gatherings that included exceptional clean up efforts and in some instances, creating trails to points of interest, river clean up programs, conservation efforts, archaeological preservation and a general attitude of working together with officials and communities to protect our common interests.

Getting to mutual understandings has not always been easy and in those years when there was strife or limited respect, the Ozarks Rainbow Family stood fast to basic principles of peaceful accord and/or challenged the status quo legally in open court. Several notable landmark cases have been tried in Federal Courts with the Rainbow Family either persevering by way of injunction or continuing in a course of appropriate actions despite the difficulties or any delay in achieving success.

To date, the Ozarks Regional Rainbow Family enjoys limited interference from any outside energies largely because of mutual respect with local communities and legal authorities and a history of steady successes in hosting kind gatherings that are impressively disappeared by immaculate cleanup efforts and very little illegal activities cited by the authorities. The local communities are amicable so long as there is no adverse transgressions on their daily lives, property or ability to access the forests for their own pleasures.

All is not butterflies and unicorn poop. While The Ozark Rainbow Family gatherings are kind, family focused happenings with peaceful intent, there are individuals who do bring the ills of Babylon with them to the forest casting shade and suspicions which garner notice. We as a family tribal community have witnessed violence, unwanted acts of personal trespass, theft of property, hard drugs, alcoholism and the occasional stolen vehicle parked out front. These events are not of our choosing and what society suffers, we too suffer.

It is true that many things need attention, correction and some serious guidance ….. These things will come from energy applied in a kind manner that is focused -and- could happen from any source including good conversations that inspires creative ingenuity.

Our family Shanti Sena is peaceful in attitude, active in witness, direct in abatement of problems and focused on protecting the gatherings so that all may enjoy the solitude of the cathedral of nature in peace. It is generally accepted that some issues are passive in reality so long as they do not cause disturbances or offer harm to our kindred.

Respect for the individual is high as are honoring constitutional rights. Our humble community only asks that you come in peace and with healthy mutual respect. We invite you to share in an alternative to main stream society with an open mind. Come willing to receive a bounty of love and open enough to give what you can to the circle. You will find a common bond in family and wanting to contribute to the gatherings provided you get to know who that family is.

Tie your camel, find your tribe.

There are many ways to get hooked up with the Ozark Rainbow Family and get information of various gatherings, participation is the key.

Rainbow Family Gatherings website: https://rainbowfamilygatherings.net/

Ozark Rainbow Family (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/groups/OzarkRF

Ozark Rainbow Gatherings (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/groups/1680691532203795

Oklahoma Rainbow Family (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/groups/48012950036

Welcome Here Rainbow Tribes (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/groups/welcomeheretribes

Rainbow Family Gatherings (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/groups/rainbowfamilygatherings

Again, this is opinion and I do love my Ozarks family.


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