Rainbow Family Gathering 2022 | NW Colorado | From a Local’s Perspective

This is a compilation video of 4 trips up to Adam’s Park in NW Colorado. It was the 50th Anniversary of the Rainbow Family Gatherings, and they chose a spot in the Routt National Forest, in our backyard. Adam’s Park is very special to our family and we decided to take several trips up to the Gathering, to document the set-up, the festivities and most importantly the clean-up, reclamation and impact to the land.

The Rainbow Family requested that we refrain from taking direct pictures of people without their permission. Therefore, our videos do not show much of the kitchens, bartering, festivities and such. July 4th, 2022, was their main day to have silence from daybreak until noon-ish, to “Pray for Peace”. There was rumor of 10-30,000 people coming for this 50th Anniversary. It’s been said that they think around 10,000 came and went over the course of the event.

We intend on going back up in a couple weeks to truly document how the vegetation is coming back, and to see what if anything is left behind. I will amend this video and add the link when the video is completed. If you subscribe and hit the bell icon, you’ll be notified when the new video comes out.

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