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Ever evolving collection of Rainbow Family news articles, publications, blogs, resource links and other information that is continually updated. Verified active content from around the world spanning a host of creative ideas, rumored assumptions, blatant propaganda and the bare naked truth. It’s a mix that most often is not fully researched, which systemically is a corporate media standard regardless of accreditation. It is inefficient freedom of the press and therefore subject to interpretation by the unbiased reader with an open mind.

The Rainbow Family of Living Light (usually simply referred to as the Rainbow Family) is a leaderless movement of loosely affiliated individuals who put on events known as Rainbow Gatherings as well as other community minded social activities. The movement does not have leaders, representatives or an organization. It is longstanding Rainbow Family consensus that nobody has ever, or ever will represent the Rainbow Family” and “in no way should anyone who volunteers to associate themselves as a focalizer be considered as representing the Rainbow Family.”

Rainbow expounds a vision of cooperation and coexistence for the healing and the betterment of humankind. Peace for the sake of peace without measure and beyond what can be known.

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Thousands of 'hippies' to come to Carson National Forest for Rainbow Gathering PDF- The Forest Service discussed their plans for handling the Rainbow Gathering event that is gaining momentum as it heads into its July 4 culmination. Employees of the Carson National Forest and a Type III incident management team that have been brought in to take lead for the happening spoke to the public Thursday (June 24) to explain their plan of action and provide general information about the gathering.
Thousands coming to Carson National Forest for Rainbow Family Gathering NEW MEXICO NEWS PDF – A throng of mostly out-of-state visitors nestled into a mountain valley west of Taos this week, erecting a city of tents and painted school buses and preparing for a celebration expected to draw thousands.
Prism Gathering 2021 PDF – Taos County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested an Albuquerque man on Friday (June 18) after witnesses said he was shooting a firearm randomly and driving recklessly around Forest Road 439 at the site of the annual Rainbow Family Gathering in Taos County.
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  1. Wish I’d known about last year’s gathering in Carson NF. Will definitely try to be in Co. for the 50th; [I was there 50 years ago for the 1st.]

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