Rainbow Lightworkers

Hello family!!! I’ve created this page as a forum to create loving shifts in our Rainbow Family Gatherings. This is a place you can notice and voice what isn’t working and also give voice to all of your amazing ideas for ways we can infuse more playfulness, fun, activities, humor, silliness, connection, learning, growth, education, wisdom, creativity, creation, magic, and everything that is Rainbow back or newly into our gatherings! This is also a place where you can share stories about how Rainbow has helped you or changed you or what it means to you or stories of any funny, silly, fun, loving, serendipitous experience you had at a Rainbow Gathering!

There’s a yin and yang to everything, but because Facebook land seems to only highlight the negative, this is a place to highlight the good (and there’s plenty of it)!This past gathering in New Mexico I had the opportunity to talk to many elders and the bottom line message was clear: It’s up to us. We must be the change we seek!! Covid and the PRISM gathering caused a lot of divisions among our family. It’s time to remember and unite. It’s up to us to make Rainbows even MORE loving and better than ever. Rainbow means so much to me and if you’re here, it means a lot to you too. Together we can raise the vibration even higher and send it out into the world! So let’s create some magic!!

Loving you, fam!

A New Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/2472216479605820/


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