Site specific RAP 107

by: Carla Bulotti Newbre ·

Site specific RAP 107.

This area is absolutely beautiful. Please do everything in your power to minimize your personal impact and to have a safe and healthy gathering.

There may be many animals in the road or crossing the roads—elk, deer, antelope, cows, and sheep. You are entering their home. Please respect their need to be left in peace. Slow down and enjoy them, look around at the countryside that is their backdrop.

Greater sandhill cranes have their breeding grounds in the area. Please stay away from nesting sites if you come across them, and talk to someone at Info about flagging the areas as sensitive.

There are boreal toads that will sing you to sleep at night. To protect their habitat, please stay out of streams and wet, marshy, or willow-y areas.

Even though elk calving season is officially over, there are still random calves being born. They do not move from their birthing place for two weeks. Please take every care to avoid them, and to move away from them if you do see them. They are very vulnerable at this age.

There are a lot of standing dead trees onsite. They are called “widow makers” for a reason. Make sure your tent in not at risk.

Remember that drinking water directly from the source can lead to Giardia. Filtered is water available all over the site. You can fill your containers at the tap, or from the large jugs at the kitchens. Don’t touch the thing to the thing.

Sun exposure at high altitude is a risk. Wear sunscreen, broad brimmed hats, etc. Mosquitos are abundant.

Finally, leave no trace. Pack it in, pack it out. We love you!


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