Stepping Up

People will do as they please much the same as they always do in most societies.

The rainbow family has a strong history of 50 years gathering and as a core tenent, cleaning up after themselves and others is ingrained within the message of peaceful gathering as well as evident by consistant action of proper stewardship over those years.

That said, public access points throughout the world have been trashed carelessly by governments, corporations, groups or individuals. Some efforts to set right these abuses are publically fiananced while other actions are brought about by those who simply do what is needed in the moment or by organized planning.

Humans are diverse in moral attitudes regardless of station or affiliations. Some are more conscience of their butterfly effect than others and so it is that those of us that are aware keep speaking up, teaching eachother and leading by example.

Responsibility often includes more than words and the blessing of humanity is that some of us are willing to labor for that which is right. Often we must carry those who will not walk until they too are able to join us in carrying others in a direction that serves the greater good.

There is no seperation of us and them for we are all in this great circle of life together regardless of abilities.

The rainbow family gathering is an expression of this nature of loving servitude with all its goodness and heartache complete and whole as it is. It is a joy to know that there are people such as you and I who recognize that there may be times that require more effort to set things right. I appreciate your willingness to engage should labor be required.

Knowing you care is all I need to set my heart at ease. Regardless of others actions in the greater scope, together we will succeed in correcting any limitations cause by those who are not aware.

We teach by example and offer wisdom so that we are not alone in making the world a better place.

Thank you for being family of the same heart regardless of name. Your willingness to step up is appreciated.


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