What is truth

There is an island with two groups of people living on it. One of those groups of people always speaks the truth and the other group of people always lies.

You come to this island and come face to face with two people, one from each group which is to say one of these people tells the truth 100% of the time and the other person lies 100% of the time.

If you can only ask one question of these two people with a yes or no answer, what one question could you ask both of these people to decipher who is the truth teller and who is the liar?

This is a fun riddle, but we live in a world where people are not in one group or the other. There are varying shades in between of those who lie and those who tell truth, and there are those who tell stories that they don’t even know anymore are inaccurate in minor or major ways based on their judgements and perspective which they truly believe is truth. That is the nature of our journey in this human life. ( Learning ) There are those who speak truth but if asked how something tastes or how somebody’s outfit looks they may bend that to save somebody’s feelings from being hurt.

So our world that we live in, at this time, is not as cut and dry, and we all have to learn how to decipher when people are speaking truth versus when they’re not and understand that our “truth” is based on perspective and only by knowing something in full ess from all perspectives with the Truth be seen as Truth. And we each choose how we in our ethical stance of morality choose to respond or react, and choose to acknowledge other’s perspective or not

I personally am a person who speaks Truth from different perspectives and experiences and try my best to not pass judgement. If you were to offer me a meal that didn’t turn out quite in the best tasting way, I would be the person to thank you graciously and tell you how wonderful it is, and I would mean it in truth with all of my heart because it was wonderful to be given a meal, it was wonderful for my body to have that nutrition, and it was wonderful to be extended that compassion and love even if it wasn’t wonderful in the way it tasted. So that’s where I see the truth can be truth from one angle and yet the distorted from another. Somebody could look at that and consider it a lie, but is it a lie when it is so full of truth and the only thing left out was left out out of compassion for another being, another sacred being and it truly did no harm?

Everyone’s perspective is their own, but there is the Truth out there that’s undeniable Truth. It is up to us to find it together.

Your inner pilot ~

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