World Rainbow 8.22

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WORLD RAINBOW 8.22 (Proclamation Vers: 1.0.5)

Intro: It is just me, the notorious Whitehouse protester I am an individual pilgrim for peace and justice and a distinguished Early Rainbow. (AZ 1979) I am not authorized by anyone, neither a circle nor prominent member of the Rainbow Family. Thankfully we are still assisted by Original Rainbow, Founders from year 1972. I am 66 years old and can look at 50 years also dedicated to work for togetherness. I wrote this proposal (Vers.1.0.5) for discussion over the Internet and on land, hopefully at the European Rainbow Gathering, a celebration which unfortunately I can not attend. You please push the topic forward towards a decision, a consensus achived with proper procedure and in our old classical Rainbow way. Do your best to support this 50 years old tradition. Start.! DO IT NOW.!!YOU We still have a good chance making World Rainbow 8.22 official very soon. The European Rainbow Gathering 2021 is still going on in France. Good Luck.

THE BASIC IDEA:Next year in August 2022 (short 8.22) right after the Rainbow Family LLL will have celebrated the 50 year anniversary in Colorado, we should continue right away everywhere, worldwide, where ever people can prepare Rainbow Gatherings.You American, you Original, Early or Older Rainbow please come and bring the Rainbow vision again and again. Pass on that spiritual gift to all with good intentions. Oh Jesus I love your example.Let us prepare for WORLD RAINBOW 8.22 Let many Rainbow initiate lots of small secret hidden <Holding Camps> for example all over the biggest forest in Germany. (PFÄLZER WALD) Just imagine, many <Base Camps> founded in walking distance are linked. Camps with constant exchanges, continueaslly ongoing coming & going from camp to camp. Only dedicated and experienced <Rainbow> should teach while showing the way to next Sacred Fire. (If one is invited to follow through the woods.) Please you all carry all you need for survival. Do not reley on kitchens or support groups. Handicapped and older folks should have a special permanent camp close to main circle, kitchen and parking space. Soon I will show some details about my vision on a map, it is about the area I think about most, the woods where I grew up.In each Rainbow camp we have daily EXCERSCISES in order to prepare ourselves well for the deepest prayers. WE could also, I say we should, we all together we should meet once a week Most definitely for the high moon celebration. The gathering has a beginning and an end. Stay a full moon circle. Curious short term visitors we can not avoid, but will me marginilized. That slogan for peace will guide us well:

TOGETHER FOR TOGETHERNESS ONLY One of our several meeting points is a castle where the emperor Barbarossa prepared a togetherness to fight a bloody crusade.On full moon our Rainbow togetherness does unite all good spirits in one place at our main fire. I see a picture many united in concentric circles.Where? Just Remember PFÄLZER WALD and start hicking.When?Entire moon circle.!The location and timing of the Rainbow Gathering should be announced as soon as possible in a vision circle at the actual European Rainbow Gathering, or later over the Internet, but for sure before the end of this year, so that families and working folks and all who have to apply for their annual holidays will have the same chance to get a <Belly Button>. Welc-OM-e H-OM-e.The Telegramm-Link below is reserved to <Rainbow Siblings> with experience on how to prepare a original Rainbow Gathering in oldest way.

Please hurry up to join this first meeting: <Pre-Vision-Council-Talking-Circle> Love and Truth Markus Johannes


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